Reimagining Education, Jobs for All.

Ed4All partners with Central and State Governments to improve Learning and Skill Development and provide equal opportunities to every learner in the country through born-digital Online Platform.


NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) Virtual Open School powered by BLEAP

Virtual Open School powered by BLEAP is aimed at Learners who are on Open School platforms across the country. Virtual Open School powered by BLEAP delivers advanced online experiences that covers NIOS Curriculum, Microsoft Learn Curriculum and other Skillability courses.

Get Certified, become Job-ready on NIOS Virtual Open School powered by BLEAP, from the comfort and safety of your home. Become an expert and kick-start your career with NIOS Virtual Open School powered by BLEAP



BLEAP for Samagra Shiksha aims to deliver superior learning outcomes for Learners of Government-funded Schools through high quality online schooling platform. BLEAP has both State and CBSE Curriculum combined with Microsoft Learn Curriculum. On graduating, Learners will secure certification from State/CBSE and Microsoft thereby enhancing their employability.

BLEAP Online Assessment and Exam Platform  

Conducts large scale Digital/Online Competitive exams, entrance exams and assessments with new age proctoring technology with end-to-end virtual assessment. Helps shorten the exam cycle with end-to-end services. 

  • 100% Cheating-free exams 
  • End-to-end exam Management 
  • Impeccable Security features 
  • 2.0 Million Exams a day 
  • Student Authentication 
  • Cross device compatibility 
  • Seamless Experience 
  • Easy-to-navigate interface 

BLEAP for Delhi (The Delhi Model) 

Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE) has partnered with Ed4All to pilot Device-based Assessment/Exam Program for long-term transformation of learning. This partnership will enable Students to acquire fundamental knowledge through process of continuous Learning, continuous Assessments, and continuous Feedback throughout the academic year, hence strengthening the teaching learning process.  

The Kolkata Model (LearnEd™ 

The Kolkata Model aims to deliver Skill modules for Learners of Government-funded ITIs, Polytechnics, PBSSD and other Institutions to enhance employability and bridge the Supply-Demand gap in the market due to lack of skills. On award of Certification, graduates will be placed in Internships, Apprenticeships and Full-time Job equivalent through Job Portal on LearnEd

In the Kolkata Model, Ed4All aims to partner with Govt of West Bengal (ITIs, Polytechnics, et al) and The Bengal Chamber (industry ecosystem i.e. for Jobs – Internships, Apprenticeships, FTEs) to up-skill, cross-skill, make employable, certify, and find employment for graduates on the platform.  

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