Reimagining Education, Jobs for All.

Ed4All aims to roll out a range of initiatives to deliver Social Impact.

BLEAP Scholarship for Woman of Tomorrow

Enable 50 girls in every district of India to be educated on BLEAP. Learners will be selected based on merit and their entire education will be covered by the Scholarship. On graduation from Class 12, BLEAP Schlolars will have access to digital careers and venture capital to build their future.

BLEAP • Microsoft Centre of NIOS Excellence (CoNE)

Ed4All and Microsoft have come together to provide digital schooling solutions across device and platform whereby solving for issues faced by conventional schooling systems. Dedicated CoEs will be established to assist Learners to access high quality education.

•Set up a Digital Library at anchor NIOS Study Centers across the country to enable children who can’t afford to purchase the device for e-learning, to borrow them and accelerate their learning capacities.

•Learners will have access to MS-LEARN, MS-Office, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Azure courses among others, that will enhance career readiness after schooling. Microsoft will provide industry-recognized Certifications that will enhance career prospects of learners.

Entrepreneurship and Job Creation Programs

Ed4All™ will bring together venture capital to invest in and incubate start-ups founded by BLEAP™ learners. Learners who want to be employed in world class firms will have access to Job boards on the BLEAP™ platform.

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