BLEAP stands for Blended Learning and Pedagogy… a Big Leap in formal school education. 

  • Easy and Convenient to Use 
  • Highly Affordable 
  • High Quality Content 
  • Audio-visual and Textual Content 
  • Accessible on Multiple Devices 
  • Extremely Secure Platform 
  • Proctored Exams and Assessments  
  • Repository of Assessment Data 
  • Remote Testing 
  • Built on Microsoft Stack 

On BLEAP™, Students can 

  • Attend Live Class 
  • Conduct experiments on Virtual Labs 
  • Take Assignments, Assessments and Exams 
  • Watch On-demand videos 
  • Get Certifications to Enhance Employability 
  • Have access to Job boards 
  • Secure Jobs 
  • Have access to Venture Capital 
  • Become Entrepreneurs 

Ed4All • BLEAP

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